About Us

"Prottoy Spondon" a social foundation formed by four young students of medicine on 6th October 2009. Aim of this foundation is to help those people who are really poor, helpless and distressed. We want to provide opportunities to get their fundamental rights.


We want to achieve our goal by these steps-

1. Providing scholarship to the poor and meritorious students

2. Providing educational support by establishing mordern educational institute.

3. Rehabilitating orphans in society by establishing orphanage providing all kind of facilities such as proper education, vocational training, proper food supply, good housing etc.

4. Establishing charitable hospital to provide health facilities to the unfortunate people of our society.

5. Helping distressed people in different disasters by various supports. 


It is a family based foundation of four founders. This foundation will be governed by the 3 directors. Each of them is selected from the family members of the founders for two years. 



1. Donation from the founders

2. Donation from listed regular donors (enlisted to donate monthly/yearly for various projects)

3. Donation from irregular or occasional donors  (knowing our activities/projects, who will be agreed to donate voluntarily)

4. Income generating projects




- Ramim Islam Ibne Noor

- Laila Fardaus Ety

- Marufa Rehnuma Azad Munmun

- Hasan Ebna Amin


Directors (2010-2011)

- Director (Administration)      Ramim Islam Ibne Noor

- Director (Project)                   Hasan Ebna Amin

- Director (Finance)                  Marufa Rehnuma Azad Munmun


History of project

It will be updated very soon.....